Eating our own Dogfood: Open Lunches

We are out to change not only how people find jobs and companies find talent; Wantedly wants to show the world that people will work harder if they feel they have an equal stake in meeting the organization’s goals and reaping its rewards. The “Wantedly Way” is all about keeping open lines of communications between employees in some innovative ways.

All Culture lunchMany offices have working lunch meetings when introducing new policies and and releasing information and new policies to employees and collaborators, but we felt we could go one step further and bring the decision making and policy-forming discussions to these lunches.

Enter the “Open Lunch”

Today in our Tokyo headquarters we had a meeting across several of our teams where we discussed the switching of our official corporate language over to English from Japanese. Several large Japan-based companies like Rakuten, Nissan, Honda and Bridgestone have decided to make this change, but is it right for a small startup like us?

Company policies begin and end with the individual employees

When most organizations make wide-sweeping changes, most only form working groups on the team level in order to best consider how to implement the changes. What is often overlooked is actually letting the teams and individual teams discuss whether the new policy is even warranted at all. For us here at Wantedly, having these breakout sessions while gnoshing allows for informal, no-holds-barred discussions and gives us the chance to discuss the unique situations for each team instead of having to support a one-size-fits-all rule that could impact productivity in unimagined ways.

Everyone feels a part, not apart

IMG_20151028_123817Some may feel that this approach to workplace policy building may impede the overall progress of a growing company, however we tend to disagree. An organization may grow at breakneck speeds, but morale may suffer since the policies that govern the organization never grew at the same pace, or worse, either aren’t being communicated or non-existient. It would be hypocritical of us to practice “Open Culture” in our standards and practices, only to remove it from dealing with employee and team member communication.

‘Open Culture’ is a concept according to which knowledge should be spread freely and its growth should come from developing, altering or enriching already existing works on the basis of sharing and collaboration, without being restricted by rules linked to the legal protection of intellectual property.

The above mantra is the modus operandi of the Open-Source community. The Wantedly Way builds upon that mantra and applies it to all intra-company communications because we feel all team members have a stake in moving us forward towards our goals.

There is no time limit on the debate as long as it is moving forward

IMG_20151028_131416While the outcome of our latest Open Lunch is still a work in progress, we know that by having the discussion out in the open, we will have a custom-tailored policy that works for our teams. We feel this approach to corporate policy-making and communication can work for any organization and encourage all to try it.

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