Running with the “big dogs”

Having a presence on the internet is the 21st century equivalent to putting out the “welcome” mat in front of a bricks-and-mortar business in the days before the likes of Google and Facebook became the household names we know now. But it’s not just enough to have a website anymore; any and every business ought to be trying to leverage the power of the internet in order to generate interest in their brands.

Social Media is the great equalizer

With a proper presence on the internet, even the scrappiest outfit can have a social media footprint rivaling a Fortune 1000 company. But there are certain things one must do in order to compete:

Stay up-to-date

This should go without saying, but keep your posts fresh and timely. Avoid posting dated materials unless it is relevant to your current company news cycle or part of some “evergreen” information that is necessary to business.

Stay relevant

Make sure your posting is on-topic. Consider making different social media accounts for different topics/departments in order to avoid alienating segments of your audience.

Stay attentive to your audience’s wants

Don’t overload your audience with content, and respond to their comments and questions. No one likes going into their twitter feed and seeing 6 posts an hour about corporate PR. At the same time if you don’t send out a newsblast at a regular interval, then you may become old news fast. Find a balance.

Stay interactive

Perhaps the most important of all these tips is to be able to respond to your audience’s questions via social media. It’s called “social” for a reason, right? Just responding to a few people’s concerns via Twitter, Facebook, or your blog in the comments section will show the lurkers out there that you are on point and not asleep at the wheel when it comes to helping anyone inquiring about your business.

Remember the SOCIAL in social media!

You can utilize all these tips help when using social media to recruit new team members for your business as well, and we at Wantedly are eager to put you on the right path to finding the team member right for you!

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